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2022 Ransomware Trends - Valuable Insights for Security Professionals

Security professionals are challenged to keep up with the recent ransomware trends in today’s information noise from everywhere. With this knowledge, we aim to help you filter this noise, give the ransomware attacks a concept, and return them to valuable insights.

What will you learn with this report?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of ransomware threats, with insights into Q4-2022 trends and a comparison to Q3-2022.

Learn about ransomware groups, behaviors, and threats with our detailed analysis by country, industry, and organization size.

Explore breakdowns of ransomware groups by country, industry, and organization size to accurately evaluate the potential risks for your own organization or those you oversee.

Learn about the TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) of commonly exploited vulnerabilities that can lead to ransomware attacks.

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Key Insights of the Ransomware Trends 2022 Report:

ransomware trends
Ransomware has been steadily on the rise for the last quarter
The fourth quarter of 2022 saw a 33% increase in ransomware attacks compared to Q3, with the total number of attacks more than double that from Q3.
Costly damages in millions and reputation at risk
Financial losses exceeded 482 million dollars. Moral damage included slowed business development processes, unusable information if a company did not pay a ransom and tarnished reputation due to publicly published sensitive customer information.
Manufacturing: 151% spike in cyberattacks
The manufacturing sector has seen an astronomical increase of 151% in the last quarter compared with other industries making it now the most attacked industry.
Lockbit vs CONTI: New King RISING !
Lockbit, a ransomware group, launched a bug bounty program in June 2022, where they awarded those who found vulnerabilities in their encryption software. Interestingly, the first recipient was an insider from a cybersecurity company, highlighting that threats can come from unexpected places.

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