Identify digital risks and eliminate them proactively.

We help security teams to detect digital risks and reduce the attack surface landscape.

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What is Brandefense?

Brandefense is a proactive digital risk protection solution for organizations. Our AI-driven technology constantly scans the online world, including the dark, deep and surface web, to discover unknown events, automatically prioritize risks and deliver actionable intelligence you can use instantly to improve security.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

You can get access to the high confidence threat intelligence feed, so you know what threats are coming your way before they happen.
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Brand & Reputation Protection

With our early action alerts, you’ll have time to respond to incidents before they become significant problems and damage your company’s reputation.
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Exposure Management

Enterprises increase technology investments day by day. We provide visibility about the attack surface and digital risks.
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Threats are real. Stay guarded.

360° Visibility
Get an accurate overview of how your company looks from an external perspective.
Advanced API
Integrate the incidents that we discovered with your security products.
AI Driven Detection
Identify the digital risks from our cyber crime database with AI-driven detection engines.
Ask an Analyst
Cyber threat intelligence teams are standing by to help you to keep safe.
Threat Hunting
Investigate and enrich the indicators that you found and optimize the response time.
Cost Effective
We need just the main brands and domains and monitor with effective cost.
False Positive Elimination
Eliminate false positive incidents and focus on using your time more.
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Account Takeover Detection
Identify the account takeover incidents with botnet and email breach monitoring service.
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Phishing Takedown Service
Identify the possible phishing domains with advanced rules and monitor them all.
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Deep Web Monitoring
Cybercriminals are talking, sharing, and exploiting inside the dark web. Then monitor this place deeply.
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Takedown the Threats
When Brandefense sends you an incident, know what you should do and takedown the threat quickly.
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