Dark Web Monitoring

By continuously scanning the deep web for mentions of your brand, Brandefense can quickly identify and track potential threats. This information can then be used to take proactive measures to protect your reputation and safeguard your business.

The Light of Darkside

A cutting-edge dark web monitoring solution helps companies keep tabs on their online presence.

Cyber Criminals Monitoring

The deep web is where cybercriminals can buy and sell personal information without being detected. They use special search engines that are not available to the general public to find this information. With Brandefense, make invisible visible.

Cutting-edge Intelligence

The deep web is infamous for being a haven for criminal activity. The deep web has everything from child pornography and drug trafficking to fraud and identity theft. By tracking illegal activity on the deep web, security professionals can gain insights into new threats and develop strategies for protecting their organizations. This type of “threat intelligence” is vital for staying one step ahead of criminals.

Intelligence-led Security

This approach emphasizes the importance of gathering and analyzing information to identify potential threats before they have a chance to materialize. One key element of this approach is deep web monitoring.

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