Supply Chain Security

Protecting your business from cyber threats is crucial.

Within our comprehensive DRPS solution, our Supply Chain Security module takes center stage, offering a multi-pronged approach to fortifying your organization’s supply chain assets. The solution provides comprehensive scorecards for related categories, as well as an overall score rating, enabling businesses to gauge their security status and prioritize areas of improvement.

What is Supply Chain Security?

With real-time insights and proactive threat detection, organizations can enhance their security posture and minimize potential disruptions in their supply chain. Here’s how it works:

  • Compromised Devices Detection

    Our solution vigilantly monitors the dark web, flagging any instances of hacked user devices associated with your organization. By identifying compromised devices promptly, we enable proactive action to prevent further breaches and minimize potential damage.

  • Compromised Employee Emails

    Breached user accounts pose a significant threat to organizations. Our service detects any compromised employee emails and promptly alerts you, ensuring that immediate action can be taken to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Phishing Address Detection

    Phishing attacks continue to be a prevalent method employed by cybercriminals. Our solution actively monitors for phishing attempts targeting your organization's supply chain address, employing advanced content similarity algorithms to swiftly identify and neutralize potential threats

  • Black Market Activity

    The dark web harbors a multitude of illicit activities, including the sale of device credentials obtained through botnets. Our service actively scans these black markets, alerting you to any potential risk associated with your organization's credentials being offered for sale.

  • Security Scan

    Our solution conducts comprehensive security scans, utilizing 24 unique rules to identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. By performing regular scans, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their security posture, allowing them to address weaknesses and ensure a robust defense against potential threats.

  • Dark Chatting Surveillance

    Cybercriminals often exploit the anonymity of dark chatting platforms, using an organization's name to perpetrate fraud and cyber attacks. Our solution actively monitors these platforms, swiftly detecting any fraudulent activities involving your organization's identity and taking immediate action to protect your reputation.

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