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Darkweb Visibility For Corporates

Every day, hundreds of companies have been under cyber-attacks. However, when a general analysis is made, most companies cannot detect these attacks and generate alerts. Even if they can detect it, they cannot make the necessary investigation and take action.

We will eliminate the noise and be your eyes and ears by focusing on cyber threats. Your mission is ours.

With Brandefense, companies can monitor, identify, analyze and take action on the cyber world, crime/criminal psychology, and their identities. Security professionals’ workload makes it hard to keep up with cybercriminals’ newest TTPs. Brandefense meets security professionals’ needs and simplifies the process of collecting actionable cyber intelligence. Our mission is to be the global leader in cyber threat intelligence and brand monitoring services via solving SOC’s complex challenges. We are here to help Brandefense customers to protect their brands and reputations against cyber threats.

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Some Statistics from Brandefense

These numbers are increasing every day. Cybercrime does not stop.


Botnet Database Record


Incidents every month


Email Breach Database


Advanced threats detecting every month

Monitor, Identify and Takedown

All you need in one platform. With Brandefense, you can monitor and identify advanced threats and take early action.

Real Time Protection
Brandefense keeps track of all the news and incidents that may be relevant to your brand’s value. It allows you to take early action based on the insights of real-time cases.
AI Enabled Intelligence
Brandefense offerings Enabling AI-driven Cyber Security for Threat Intelligence and Phishing Detection Operations and Analytics Solutions.
Reduce False Positive Incidents
We eliminate junk intelligence and focus on cyber threats.
Actionable Feeds
Brandefense meets security professionals’ needs and simplifies the process of collecting actionable cyber intelligence.


Brandefense provides advanced cyber security and intelligence solutions for identifying digital risks.

Threat Intelligence
Brandefense Threat Intelligence Service
Brand Monitoring
Brandefense Brand Monitoring Service
Vulnerability Management
Brandefense Vulnerability Management Service
VIP Security
Brandefense VIP Security Service
Fraud Protection
Brandefense Fraud Protection Service
Attack Surface Management
Brandefense Attack Surface Management Service
Vulnerability Intelligence
Brandefense Vulnerability Intelligence Service