Preventing Data Leakage

Recognize the Sensitive Information Leakage

Data leakage is a severe and genuine threat in today’s digital world. Cyber threat intelligence can help organizations identify and prevent data breaches before they happen. By understanding the standard methods that cybercriminals use to exploit vulnerabilities and steal data, organizations can take steps to protect themselves. Traditional methods of data theft include email breaches, malicious software, and phishing attacks. By being aware of these threats and taking steps to protect their data, organizations can help to prevent themselves from becoming victims of a data breach.

Executive, Employee, Customer. Monitor all data breach types.

With Brandefense cyber crime database service, monitor 2000+ sources and identify the relevant data breaches.

Executive Protection

Brandefense offers data breach monitoring for executive protection to help prevent your organization from becoming the next email breach victim. Brandefense’s platform provides real-time visibility into your organization’s email ecosystem and identifies potential threats before jeopardizing your data.

Discover and Reset

You can also discover an email breach and reset the password for a breached account. In today’s cyber security landscape, monitoring the Deep Web for data breaches and responding to the incident is essential for keeping your business safe after an incident is found.

Monitor the Deep Web

Brandefense is a product that specializes in deep web monitoring, helping businesses to keep track of their online presence and protect their data. Brandefense uses various tools to explore the deep web for signs of a data breach, email breach, or other security threat.

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