Phishing Monitoring

Monitor the Phishing Domains and Takedown

Brandefense offers phishing domain monitoring services to help you protect your brand and customers from phishing attacks. We continuously monitor the internet for new domains related to your brand and take action to have their takedown. It helps to protect your customers from being tricked into giving their personal information to criminals, and it helps to protect your brand reputation.

Monitor, Detect and Takedown

We continuously monitor the internet for new phishing sites.

Monitor All TLD's

Brandefense monitoring uses advanced heuristics and machine learning to detect phishing domains that imitate your brand. It is a phishing domain monitoring solution that offers protection for all TLDs.

Detect and Takedown

We use a combination of machine learning and human analysis to find phishing attacks. We then work with companies to take them down.

Continuously Monitor

Brandefense includes monitoring for changes to domain attributes, such as Whois info, MX and A record changes, IP reputation, and SSL certificate updates. Brandefense can provide comprehensive intelligence on phishing threats by correlating these changes with domain activity.

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