Monitoring Stolen Credit Cards

Monitoring Stolen Credit Cards

Brandefense crawls the internet and collects data from websites where criminals buy and sell stolen credit card data. We monitor the deep web for stolen credit card data and provide alerts to our customers so they can take action to prevent fraud.

Minimize your risk for fraudulent activity

Cybercriminals and fraudsters will not stop affecting your customer.

Deep Web Monitoring

Our monitoring services are an essential part of our commitment to protecting our customers from financial losses. It allows us to quickly flag any suspicious activity and take steps to prevent fraud. We utilize a variety of data sources, including the deep web, to identify stolen credit cards.

Improve the Detection Rules

With our findings, you can analyze stolen credit cards and find their common point. After this, improve the detection algorithms for fraud detection services and be more proactive.

Understand the Fraudsters

They are using various techniques to scam your customers. Learn their communications, strategies, tactics, and procedures. Understand and respond.

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