Account Takeover Detection

Account Takeover Detection with Botnet Intelligence

You can use Brandefense for account takeover detection that uses botnet intelligence and stolen credentials to identify hacked computers. By monitoring the activity of known compromised machines, Brandefense can share insights about the access accounts on various platforms, including email, social media, and online banking.

Turn back from zombie to employee.

Monitor the botnet data and identify the zombie computers and affected employees.

Botnet Monitoring

Brandefense has a botnet monitoring service that helps to identify hacked computers and stolen credentials. By analyzing botnet data, Brandefense can help to identify and track down malicious actors. Additionally, Brandefense can provide mitigation tips and help to prevent future attacks.

Incident Response

Service monitors hacked computers for bot activity and collect data from the servers. This information can help identify the source of an attack and determine which computers are part of a botnet. Brandefense provides a botnet intelligence feed, and after you receive an alert can start an incident response process.

Customer Breach Monitoring

Brandefense monitors the surface and deep web for customer credentials and personally identifiable (PII) exposures resulting from data breaches. Brandefense quickly identifies when the confidential customer or employee information is compromised and notifies the appropriate stakeholders so they can take action to mitigate the damage.

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