Remediation and Takedown

Remediate and Takedown the Threats

CTI includes data on vulnerabilities, malware, phishing campaigns, and more. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is “information with contextualized evidence about an existing or emerging threat that can help organizations understand, remediate, and take down current or future incidents.” Remediate and takedown is the most critical part.

Data Breach Monitoring

Automated Takedown

We are helping the customers to take down the threats quickly.

Takedown Quickly
Cyber threat intelligence is concerned with threats that originate from the digital world. It can include viruses and malware to takedown threats and hacking attempts. By monitoring these threats and understanding their origins, businesses and governments can better protect themselves from the ever-growing threat of cybercrime.
Monitor Various Site
Monitor online services such as Github, Virustotal, and social media platforms and detect data leaks or fraud accounts and takedown them after.
Remediate Easily
Remediation is the process of addressing vulnerabilities and threats. It includes patching systems, deploying detection and response capabilities, and training employees on best practices for cyber security. By understanding the current landscape of threats, you can better protect your organization from future attacks.