Oracle Warns of Java Issues Caused by macOS 14.4 Update

Oracle has announced that an issue introduced by macOS 14.4, causing Java processes to terminate unexpectedly, affects all Java versions from Java 8 to the early access builds of JDK 22. This problem remains unresolved, with no available workaround. Notably, the issue was not present in early access releases preceding macOS 14.4 but was discovered post-update release.

macOS on Apple silicon processors (M1, M2, and M3) includes a feature governing the production and execution of dynamically generated code. However, with macOS 14.4, attempts by threads to access protected memory regions result in macOS sending a SIGKILL signal, terminating the process. This significantly impacts the operation of the Java Virtual Machine, leading to the abrupt termination of Java processes.

Oracle has notified its customers, Apple, and OpenJDK partners of this issue, advising users of Java on ARM-based Apple devices running macOS 14 to delay applying the update until a solution is found.

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