“Red Page Removal” Service: A Solution for Flagged Domains

During intelligence gathering efforts conducted by our Threat Intelligence team, it was detected that a service marketed as “Red Page Removal” aims to assist website owners in removing warnings or flags that might be applied by search engines or security services, indicating a site as potentially harmful or malicious. 

This “Red Page Removal” service essentially ensures that a domain remains clear of such red flags, thereby preventing any adverse effects on its visibility or campaigns. It offers a permanent solution for a single payment, distinguishing itself from competitors by promising effectiveness and affordability.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the post

There is no confirmed evidence on how effectively the service works. However, the possibility of such a service working properly could be useful to threat actors who want such services to remove warning screens from red-flagged phishing websites and make them visible again.

Figure 2: Membership options for the service
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