RedLine Stealer Malware Was Distributed Through the Corporate Social Media Accounts

Avast security researchers have identified multiple business accounts on social media that distribute the Redline Stealer malware, which is responsible for capturing users’ login credentials from infected systems.

The malware distribution campaign was identified through a sponsored post on Facebook promoting free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The post in question was shared via the Facebook business account of Viu Internet, an internet service provider in Brazil. The post contains a link redirecting destinations to the “” platform instead of “” By clicking the link in the post, the files on the storage and sharing platforms are requested to be downloaded to the systems. Readline Stealer injection requires visitors to download the file, extract the content from the archive, and run it. Viu Internet warns users who visit their homepage that their Facebook account has been hacked. In addition to Viu Internet’s Facebook account, several hacked Facebook business accounts have been found to post the same malicious content.

In this context, it is recommended to consider the following security warnings to avoid being the target of malware campaigns that can be carried out with similar methods.

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