Brandefense received a $2.75 million investment in the round led by Sabancı Ventures!

Brandefense, which provides cyber security solutions to the leading brands in their sector, especially in sectors such as finance, IT, aviation, insurance and e-commerce, has completed the investment tour. The company received an investment of $2.75 million as a result of the round led by Sabancı Ventures.

Brandefense, a pioneer in producing cutting-edge solutions in the field of cybersecurity, took another strong step towards its international growth objectives with a successful investment tour. Brandefense, announcing a $600,000 investment in February of last year, expanded globally by establishing a company in the United States with this initial investment. Today, Brandefense secured a $2.75 million investment in a Pre-Series A round. With this new investment, rapid expansion plans are being formulated to reach various regions worldwide.

The participants in the investment round, led by Sabancı Ventures, included Tacirler Portföy Gelecek Etki Fund managed in partnership with Vestel Ventures, Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. (TTGV), Ak Portföy, TechOne VC, and Finberg. Following the latest investment, the total amount of investments received by Brandefense has reached the level of 3.4 million dollars.

Brandefense provides solutions focused on protecting sensitive information, networks, websites, and social media accounts to safeguard brand reputation by constantly scanning the digital landscape. With offerings such as Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS), External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Supply Chain Security, and Threat Intelligence (TI), it aims to minimize potential risks for corporations and organizations.

“We continue to take strong steps forward.”

Brandefense CEO Hakan Uzun, commenting on the completion of the investment round, stated, ‘’With the increasing pace of technological developments, companies have expanded their online presence even further. As an organization providing cybersecurity services in light of this expansion, our responsibility has also grown. In our ongoing efforts to fulfill this responsibility to the best of our ability, we maintain our commitment to minimizing digital risks, ensuring that corporations and organizations are more prepared against digital threats. With our impact extending beyond Turkey, we are making significant contributions to projects abroad, and with the investment received, we continue to take strong steps forward, pushing our growth potential even further.’’

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