Brandefense Brings Innovative Cyber Security Solutions to the MENA Region!

company Brandefense is expanding into the MENA market

Cyber security company Brandefense is expanding into the MENA market with the goal to safeguard and enhance the reputation of institutions and organizations. Brandefense, which creates added value for domestic and international customers with its innovative cyber security solutions, aims to be a prominent actor in the MENA market in the coming years.

Offering digital risk protection services (DRPS), external attack surface management (EASM) and threat intelligence (TI) solutions, cyber security company Brandefense continues to grow its area of operation with the intensive work of its cyber security experts. The company, which has made significant strides in the overseas market with the solutions it provides to its clients in a variety of industries, is now bolstering its position in the industry by expanding its services to the MENA area.

We carry out significant projects abroad

Brandefense CEO Hakan Uzun, highlighting that the company will undertake significant tasks in meeting cybersecurity needs in the MENA region with its dynamic team, stated “As Brandefense, we are pleased to start a new chapter in our remarkable journey in the cybersecurity sector.
At this point of our story, which started in the days when transformation and uncertainty prevailed in the business world, we are now carrying out significant projects abroad as we expand the reach of our influence beyond Turkey. Currently, within the scope of our strategic planning, we are putting our innovative cyber security solutions into the service of institutions and organizations in the MENA region. We anticipate that this development will benefit both Brandefense and the local institutions and organizations.

New page in the cyber security industry: Brandefense 2.0

Since its inception, Brandefense has provided innovative approaches and alternative solutions to issues in a variety of industries, including public administration, finance, energy, and telecommunications. Most recently, Brandefense 2.0 was announced. With this approach, the company turned a new page in the cyber security industry. With Brandefense 2.0, customers can now also take advantage of brand monitoring, manager protection, attack surface management, threat intelligence and fraud prevention services, as well as a supply chain security module.

Bridge Partner Program makes business optimization easy

With the help of its digital risk prevention services, Brandefense, which strives to increase the business optimization level of brands through its Bridge Partner Program, minimizes potential dangers brought on by online attacks and a lack of security awareness. The program, which has four levels (Authorized Partner, Silver Partner, Gold Partner, and Platinum Partner), offers upgraded services that can accommodate all tiers’ demands and expectations.

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