What will the IT professions of the future be?

Recent developments in information technologies provide the emergence of new fields of work in the sector. Young people especially aim to turn to professions in the field of informatics in their career choices. So, what are the IT professions that are suitable for the requirements of the age? Speaking at World Engineers Day, Brandefense Co-Founder Hakan Eryavuz made evaluations about the informatics professions of the future.

Studies in the field of information technologies are followed with interest, especially by young people. The activities carried out in the field also contribute to the development of new technologies. While the use of information technologies is increasing daily, discussions on data security, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies do not fall off the agenda. All these developments lead especially young people who make career plans to research the informatics professions of the future. Speaking at World Engineers Day, Brandefense Co-Founder Hakan Eryavuz shared his views on informatics professions that may come to the fore in the future.

Data security engineering  

We observe that the place of digital technologies in social life is increasing daily. People benefit from many new technologies while storing their data in the digital space. At this point, the issue of data security comes to the fore. Especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the past, academic studies in the field have also been followed with interest. In the future, I think that data security engineering will become increasingly important in terms of relieving users’ concerns about this issue. We can state that all societies will need qualified data security engineers who can stand against malicious people and applications. As Brandefense, we will continue to work to contribute to the security of the digital world with the confident steps we have taken in the sector.

CTI analyst

CTI analysts are professionals who make intelligence detections in dangerous areas such as the dark web by using their analytical and technological abilities in harmony with their expertise in cyberspace. In the future, professional group members specializing in cyber threat intelligence may take on more extensive roles in both the public and private sectors. It is seen that the importance given to the field of cyber security is increasing day by day as the international public talks about the upcoming cyber pandemic. Highly qualified CTI analysts in the ecosystem are of great importance as they protect the reputation of public institutions and brands operating in the private sector and provide analysis in terms of data security. In parallel with the increasing adaptation to the digital world, we can think that the threats in cyberspace will also expand. For all these reasons, CTI analysis will be among the most important professions of the future.

SOC analyst

Unlike CTI analysts, SOC analysts are professionals who check how well the security situation of companies is with their surveillance activities. Analysts are developing various measures against attacks in line with the surveillance activities in question. In addition, it takes part in the head of security solutions and ensures that the intelligence is constantly checked. Employees of the sector may encounter various problems from time to time due to the intensity of intelligence during the process. For example, intelligence will be evaluated as a priority and requires a professional approach. To solve these problems, intelligence products provided by expert teams are needed. Identifying and evaluating threats in the first place and simultaneously reducing possible losses play a major role in the security of companies. On the other hand, expert teams cooperate with other team members to confirm the security of the procedures followed by the institutions. When deemed necessary, steps are taken to renew or update business processes. Considering that the need for proactive solutions in the cyber field will gradually increase, it is possible to say that qualified analysts will be an essential part of the future world.

Data analyst

In today’s world, we can say that it is getting easier to access data. Easier access to data can be considered a positive development. However, considering that the size of the data is increasing day by day, we need detailed analysis processes at the point of transforming the data into information. For these reasons, I think that data analysts will assume important roles in social life in the future. The need for data analysts will increase daily to obtain a meaningful whole from the data flow in the ecosystem.

Cloud engineer

Many institutions receive support from cloud service providers for storing their digital data. Cloud engineers follow the data flow processes by choosing suitable storage tools in line with user demands. By examining the data, the engineers determine the possible needs and prepare various reports by analyzing them accordingly. Business processes are made more efficient in light of the reports obtained in this context. I expect cloud engineers to become more popular in the future.

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