The Role of Brandefense in Your Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy in 2023

Brandefense helps CISOs and Security Analysts detect and respond to phishing attacks, providing them with the tools necessary to protect their organization from malicious threats. Brandefense in your organization’s cybersecurity strategy can help you monitor and mitigate risks, ensuring a proactive approach to protecting your digital presence.

Long Story Short from our Co-Founder

Below, we will provide you with various traditional cybersecurity phrases. However, we wanted to add a brief and concise summary section.

Have you watched the TV series Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)? You can see the image below. The team in this image is highly technical and knowledgeable and works with a well-planned approach. In the series, they discover a way to infiltrate the Central Bank of Spain and get inside. It sounds similar to the next generation of cyber attackers and attack groups, right?

la casa de papel brandefense

Many statistics show this to us every day. Attackers are somehow able to infiltrate organizations – sooner or later. Cybersecurity teams use numerous products to monitor all these threats in real-time. But their job is not easy. Hackers have endless motivation. They have more time than all of us, and there are many people on the dark web to help them.

Despite committing a crime by infiltrating the bank, this team gradually gains the support of the public. They try to wiggle their way out of the situation somehow. Does it sound familiar?

You should look at the activities of the Lockbit team below. Although Lockbit is a ransomware group, people get tattoos and earn money. Moreover, Lockbit even announced that they had started a bug bounty program. Their rewards compete with those of world giants. Under these circumstances, do you think X-hat hackers have supported or are supporting these people? We should consider this.

lockbit bug bounty
Figure 1: We have witnessed many stories supporting this idea.
lockbit tattoo reward

Given the situation, searching for new ways to deal with these people is necessary. There must be more than the traditional cybersecurity approach to eliminate next-generation threats. Adopting a new cybersecurity approach based on intelligence will be one of the most critical agendas for every company in the coming period. What do we mean? Attack surface management, brand, and reputation protection with dark and surface web monitoring and actionable threat intelligence feeds. A DRPS solution has Swiss army knife features and correlates everything to find advanced incidents.

In short, again, we believe that without an intelligence-led security approach, there is no intelligent way to deal with these people.


The Evolving Landscape of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats increase in complexity and scale, putting organizations at risk of significant financial loss and reputational damage. The impact of cyber attacks on businesses can be severe. According to a report by IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million, and the average time to identify and contain a breach is 200+ days. While large enterprises may be more visible targets for cybercriminals, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are also at risk.

The shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also increased vulnerabilities, with the number of external attacks on cloud accounts rising by 630% between January and April 2020. As a result, organizations must adopt comprehensive cybersecurity strategies that evolve alongside these threats to protect their valuable assets and stay ahead of cybercriminals.


Why Digital Risk Protection is Essential for Businesses

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face many online threats that can lead to significant financial and reputational damage. Cybersecurity breaches, phishing attacks, and data leaks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to prevent. To effectively combat these threats, businesses must adopt a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that includes intelligence-led security.

Intelligence-led security is an emerging approach combining advanced technologies and threat intelligence to identify and mitigate digital risks proactively. By leveraging DRPS, businesses can better understand potential threats and adjust their security measures accordingly. This helps companies to reduce the risk of financial loss and reputational damage while maintaining a solid security posture.

While many cybersecurity vendors offer solutions to decrease identity and response time, intelligence-led security takes a more proactive approach to cybersecurity. Rather than waiting for an attack to occur, an intelligence-led security mindset helps businesses stay one step ahead of potential threats, making it a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.


Brandefense: A Brief Overview

What is Brandefense?

Brandefense is a digital risk protection service that helps businesses monitor, detect, and respond to potential threats targeting their online presence. With advanced tools and expert insights, Brandefense empowers organizations to mitigate risks, protect their assets, and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.

The Key Components of Brandefense’s Digital Risk Protection Service

Brandefense offers a range of services designed to address various digital risks, including:

  • Brand and reputation protection
  • Phishing and fraud detection
  • Stolen credit card detection
  • Brand impersonation and social media monitoring
  • Dark web intelligence
  • Attack surface management
  • Actionable threat intelligence
  • Vulnerability Intelligence


Integrating Brandefense into Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Identifying and Prioritizing Digital Risks

Our advanced dark web and surface web scanners effectively detect potential risks across the digital landscape. We identify numerous critical issues by monitoring thousands of hacker channels and processing n-terabyte data daily. Many organizations are unaware of the activities on the dark web and the discussions hackers have about them.

To protect the organization efficiently, it’s important to recognize and prioritize digital risks that could significantly impact your business. Brandefense’s comprehensive risk assessment methodology lets you pinpoint the most critical threats and rank them based on their potential impact, strengthening your security posture.


Strengthening Your Security Posture with Brandefense

By incorporating Brandefense into your cybersecurity strategy and continuously improving your organization’s security maturity level, you can proactively address digital risks and strengthen your overall security posture. Through continuous monitoring and swift response to potential threats, Brandefense ensures your business remains resilient against cyberattacks and adapts to the evolving threat landscape. Our constant analysis of the cyber world enables us to share valuable insights with our clients while numerous services support this process every day.


Regularly Assessing and Updating Your Cybersecurity Strategy

As the threat landscape evolves, it’s essential to regularly assess and update your cybersecurity strategy to stay ahead of emerging risks. Brandefense’s ongoing monitoring and reporting capabilities provide up-to-date information on potential threats, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Key Brandefense Features to Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Brand and Reputation Protection

Brandefense provides critical intelligence data in many vital areas. For any company, brand and reputation are everything. When a company enters the digital world, it becomes a target for hackers. Various cyberattacks can occur, mainly targeting the company itself and its customers. Brandefense offers essential features within its brand and reputation protection service, such as hacked device detection, data leakage detection, phishing domain detection, and sensitive file or code disclosure detection.

Thanks to Brandefense’s cybercrime database, and the Blackhole technology, millions of dark chatting activities are monitored daily, and terabytes of data are processed. This service enables Brandefense to work towards capturing numerous cybercrime activities in real time.

Recently, detecting many critical incidents within this service has prevented our clients from experiencing significant financial losses. We had prevented numerous attacks before they occurred and informed our clients accurately about many others.


Phishing and Fraud Detection

In the past, hackers were primarily motivated by ego; however, they now focus on monetary gains. The easiest way to achieve this is through phishing attacks and committing fraud using these attacks. Brandefense supports some of the world’s leading banks and other companies in tackling these two issues. Our advanced phishing algorithms enable us to detect numerous threats early. Simultaneously, through Blackhole technology, we identify thousands of stolen credit cards daily and notify the banks.

We also share emerging fraud techniques with our clients, allowing them to detect large-scale fraudulent activities swiftly. We substantially support our corporate clients’ fraud prevention departments by leveraging the intelligence of this type, known as TTP (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures). Our clients can better combat and mitigate the risks of evolving fraud schemes by staying informed about the latest tactics.


Brand Impersonation and Social Media Monitoring

With Brandefense’s advanced social media monitoring and brand impersonation detection capabilities, organizations can defend their brand image by proactively identifying fake accounts, malicious content, and other online threats.

This comprehensive approach empowers you to act swiftly in protecting your online reputation and maintaining customer trust, ensuring that your brand remains resilient in the face of potential harm.

By staying ahead of brand impersonators and monitoring social media activities closely, Brandefense helps you produce and keep a strong brand presence, building lasting relationships with your customers in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Dark Web Intelligence

We always emphasize that we aim to report what hackers know about you. Many companies need more information about what is being discussed within the dark web. There could be conversations, plans, or even ongoing attacks directly affecting your country, industry, or organization. The information of your employees or customers might be circulating in this area or even being sold. These issues can significantly harm your brand, and awareness of them should be one of your top priorities.

By integrating Brandefense’s dark web intelligence into your cybersecurity strategy, your organization can gain valuable insights into potential threats lurking in the hidden corners of the internet. Through monitoring the dark web for stolen data, threat actor activity, and other malicious content, Brandefense empowers you to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches, ensuring that you stay informed and protected in an ever-evolving threat landscape.


Attack Surface Management

If you have a digital brand presence, it’s essential to understand how hackers perceive you from the outside. We often see and know that many organizations are hacked through a service or technology incorrectly configured and opened only for testing purposes. Today, any service or technology running on a domain or IP address is quickly discovered when it becomes publicly accessible, and attacks begin almost immediately. With Brandefense’s attack surface discovery service, we effectively capture a snapshot of your attack surface and monitor its risks and developments.

By conducting regular scans, we identify potential vulnerabilities and communicate any concerns to our clients. This proactive approach ensures that your organization remains vigilant and responsive to potential threats, safeguarding your digital brand from would-be attackers and maintaining a strong security posture in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Actionable Threat Intelligence

The Pyramid of Pain concept effectively summarizes the essence of cybersecurity. Traditional threat intelligence feeds are a crucial feature of Brandefense. However, to make intelligence more actionable, we provide our customers with detailed information on many analyzed threats and support them in advancing their security maturity levels.

A proactive approach is vital in an intelligence-driven security service, and that’s precisely how our solution operates. By offering in-depth analysis and tailored guidance, Brandefense empowers organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain a robust security posture in today’s digital landscape.


Vulnerability Intelligence

Brandefense’s vulnerability intelligence assists organizations in pinpointing and prioritizing potential vulnerabilities within their digital infrastructure. By delivering comprehensive information on known vulnerabilities and their possible consequences, Brandefense empowers you to make well-informed decisions regarding patch management, risk mitigation, and resource allocation.

This proactive approach enables organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and stay ahead of emerging threats in an increasingly complex digital landscape.


Integrating Brandefense into a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

Incorporating Brandefense into your all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy lets your organization stay ahead of ever-evolving digital threats. Through proactive monitoring and addressing potential risks, you can safeguard your valuable assets and maintain a robust security posture.

Keeping Pace with Emerging Threats in the Digital Era

As the digital landscape continuously advances, the threats businesses encounter will develop. By collaborating with a digital risk protection service like Brandefense, your organization can stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure its longevity in the increasingly intricate world of cybersecurity.

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