Women in cybersecurity bring new perspectives to the industry!

8 March international women’s day special: Interview with our cyber intelligence analysts – Women in cybersecurity

At Brandefense, we have taken a remarkable step for International Women’s Day on March 8th. Our female cyber intelligence analysts answered questions in an interview, explaining the significance of women’s presence in the industry. On this momentous day, would you like to look at the cybersecurity industry from the perspective of our innovative female employees?

With this work, we aim to answer the questions in the minds of women entering the industry. Furthermore, we again emphasize the importance of increasing social awareness and giving women a voice in feeling equality in all areas. Happy International Women’s Day!

Burçem Güloğlu – Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

“Brandefense stays away from bias; It opens the door to ideas, innovation and development.”

I realized that my skills and curiosity lie in cybersecurity and that I needed to work in this sector. Until then, I wanted to gain experience in different areas of the IT industry. However, the cybersecurity field appealed to my future.

After starting to work in the industry, I realized the need for qualified young people, especially women, to be introduced to the industry and gain experience in diversity within the organization.

Given all these, gaining experience in an innovative and visionary formation is very valuable. Women make significant contributions to our industry; as a woman, we pay attention to even the most minor details in this field. At this point, our perspective on details, solution proposals, and communication skills come to the forefront. However, we sometimes must make more effort when presenting our competencies and skills. Women sometimes feel the need to prove themselves. However, being competent in the job directly correlates to a person’s self-improvement.

Brandefense is a family formed by people encouraging us who believe that women’s perspectives will create differences. I thank this family for opening the door to ideas, innovation, and development without any discrimination based on gender.

Duysal Kantarcı, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

“Being a woman adds value to communication skills. Being detail-oriented provides different perspectives.”

Threat actors pose severe risks in our personal and corporate lives. The importance of the cybersecurity sector will continue to increase in the future. Walking on this path is very valuable. I find opportunities to update my knowledge and skills in this constantly evolving field where new techniques emerge.

At the same time, being a woman adds value to communication skills. Being detail-oriented provides different perspectives. On the other hand, the male-dominated understanding of the cybersecurity sector puts us at a disadvantage and makes it seem like we cannot take on responsibilities.

Showing the opposite and gaining a voice in the industry is gratifying, but this process can negatively affect women’s careers. I feel fortunate to work in an environment where discrimination doesn’t exist. Being surrounded by supportive people is special!

Emine BatuCyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

“In Brandefense, we express our opinions without gender discrimination.”

As a computer engineer, the cybersecurity sector is attractive. There are always new developments in the field of cybersecurity. This way, we move away from a monotonous work life.

Unfortunately, regarding the technical field, women need to work harder and make more effort than men to be treated equally. Cybersecurity requires everyone to work in a fast pace, so I hope this will eliminate gender discrimination in the industry.

I am experiencing my first experience in the cybersecurity field at Brandefense. Here, we express our opinions without gender discrimination, make suggestions, and ask for help. All of this makes me feel like I am in the right place to enter the industry.

Ayşenur Dağcı, Cyber Intelligence Analyst

“The rise of female leaders inspires other women.”

Cybersecurity has always been a sector that I’ve been curious about, and I have admired those who work in it. That’s why I wanted to try my luck working in this field.

Gender discrimination is a problem that exists in this field. The belief that women and men should have equal opportunities should be present in all areas. The cybersecurity sector is predominantly male-dominated, which can lead to women feeling isolated or struggling to be accepted in the workplace.

However, in recent years, the development of women’s rights and employment opportunities for women has allowed for a shift in perspective and growth in the sector. Women’s education, mentorship, and leadership positions serve as inspiration for other women.

At times, we witness discriminatory and sexist behaviour towards women by men. Such behaviour negatively affects the happiness, motivation, and performance of women employees. With the increased awareness in recent years, I hope gender equality will be accepted.

Brandefense is my first work experience, and working here as a woman is an honour. Having our ideas and thoughts listened to and given importance is very valuable without any discrimination. The attitude towards us is lovely, and I am infinitely grateful to the entire Brandefense team!

We thank our cyber intelligence analysts, Burçem Güloğlu, Duysal Kantarcı, Emine Batu, and Ayşenur Dağcı, for volunteering to answer questions and sharing their perspectives on this momentous day of International Women’s Day. Their insights have shed light on the challenges and opportunities for women in cybersecurity and emphasized the importance of promoting diversity and equality in the workplace. We are proud to have these talented and motivated individuals as part of our team at Brandefense, and we remain committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment where all employees can thrive.

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