Ransomware Trends Report | Q4 2023




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Ransomware Trends | Q4 2023

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Security professionals often struggle to keep up with evolving ransomware trends due to the constant barrage of information. We aim to help you filter this overload, compare the last quarter of 2023 and the whole year’s Ransomware Trends in an understandable format, and convert this information into meaningful insights.

Exploring Ransomware Trends in Q4 of 2023: Our Comprehensive Analysis

2023 Ransomware Trends: Key Insights
  1. Our analysts have identified staggering ransomware incidents across 27 industry sub-sectors with devastating consequences.

  2. According to the data collected by our team, the USA, UK, and Canada became the most targeted countries by ransomware attacks during Q4 / 2023.

  3. Comparing the number of ransomware attacks on countries in recent periods, there has been an increased rate of attacks in several countries, such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

  4. The statistical distribution of these events shows that 25.9% of them were related to business, professional, and legal services, while 16.8% of the events were in the manufacturing sector.

  5. LockBit, Play, and Blackcat emerged as the most prolific attack groups, possibly due to more sophisticated tactics and a broader range of targeted industries.

  6. The highest increase was in November, with 400 attacks.