Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities Detected in Schneider Electric Easergy P5 SCADA Software

Multiple security vulnerabilities have been identified affecting Easergy voltage protection relays developed by Schneider Electric. Voltage protection relays are devices designed to protect motors and systems against over or under-voltage, phase absence, and phase sequence error.

The identified security vulnerabilities are as follows;

  • The vulnerability tracked as CVE-2022-22722 exists due to Hard-Coded credentials in the application code. A remote threat actor can use these credentials to view and process device traffic and access the vulnerable system.
  • The Buffer-Overflow vulnerability tracked as CVE-2022-22723, can allow threat actors to disable programs or execute arbitrary code on the vulnerable system by sending specially configured packets to the vulnerable device.

Successfully exploiting security vulnerabilities can lead to device credential exposure, device shutdown, or reboot. As a result, the threat actor who takes complete control of the device can endanger the electrical grid’s security.

All Previous Verison of Schneider Electric Easergy P3 V30 and P5 V01 Have Been Fixed

The vulnerabilities affecting all previous versions of Easergy P3 v30.205 and Easergy P5 v01.401.101 have been fixed with the released updates. To avoid being affected by attacks that can be carried out through vulnerabilities, it is recommended to minimize network exposure for all industrial control systems, prevent internet access, and use secure methods such as VPN when remote access is required.

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